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Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges Dignity and Respect Policy


The Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges (IFPO) is a supplemental food pantry helping to meet essential human needs of food-insecure residents of Orange, West Orange and East Orange with dignity and respect. 



The IFPO wants to ensure all volunteers, clients, supporters, guests and individuals be treated with respect, dignity, and equality when interacting with us, irrespective of their gender, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion or belief, marital status, and social class.  



We are committed to working towards this goal by 

1. Listening with empathy and respect for one another, valuing individual experiences and feelings while treating people with kindness and dignity.

2.  Fairly distributing resources - including food, diapers, menstrual care products,books, toiletries,  household cleaning supplies, medical resources (including vaccinations and blood pressure screenings) and nutrition education. 

3. Having a focused purpose that allows room for mistakes while seeking continuous growth and learning.

4. Striving for equity by working towards solutions to eliminate structural and systematic inequalities that contribute to food insecurity. 



The IFPO will provide a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for the individuals who participate in all programming held at our site. Participants are always expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. 



We expect all volunteers, clients, supporters, guests and individuals visiting the pantry to exhibit the same respect, dignity, and equality. Behaviors that constitute a violation include, but are not limited to: 

  • Loud, disruptive, obscene, racist, discriminatory, hateful, harassing or abusive language.  

  • Making threats or demonstrating threatening behavior, physically, verbally or in writing. 

  • Violation of smoking ordinances inside and outside of the building.  

  • Defacing or destroying IFPO property.  

  • Removal of property without permission

  • Sale of distributed items or exchange/barter distributed items for services.

  • Participating in activities while under the adverse influence of substances.  

  • Unsafe and/or disrespectful operation of a vehicle, including aggressive driving, driving while distracted and excessive horn blowing.

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